Kyu Grade Rankings

At various stages throughout your karate journey, you will be invited to promote to a higher belt level. During this promotion, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned: your technique, ability, strength and determination to rise to the occasion in the face of a challenge.

In Seido Karate, there are 10 levels (kyu grades) that you must achieve before receiving your black belt. The kyu grades are as follows:

  • 10th kyu: White belt
  • 9th kyu: White Advanced belt (white belt with a black tab)
  • 8th kyu: Blue belt
  • 7th kyu: Blue Advanced belt (blue belt with a black tab)
  • 6th kyu: Yellow belt
  • 5th kyu: Advanced Yellow belt (yellow belt with a black tab)
  • 4th kyu: Green belt
  • 3rd kyu: Advanced Green belt (green belt with a black tab)
  • 2rd kyu: Brown belt
  • 1st kyu: Advanced Brown belt (brown belt with a black tab)

It is also common for junior students to progress through two additional levels between their White Advanced belt and Blue belt gradings:

  • Orange belt
  • Orange Advanced belt

Each kyu grade has its own list of karate skills to learn before you’re ready to move up. While the best place to learn new techniques and skills is obviously on the dojo floow, at Seido Karate Thornbury we also publish a range of learning content on our website, for you to refer to and practice in your own time. This is an evolving collection of material, including reference videos and more.

After reaching shodan (1st Dan), there are eight more black belt levels within Seido Karate:

  • 1st dan: Senpai (Senior)
  • 2nd dan: Senpai
  • 3rd dan: Senpai
  • 4th dan: Sensei (Teacher)
  • 5th dan: Kyoshi (Senior Teacher)
  • 6th dan: Jun Shihan (New Master)
  • 6th dan: Sei Shihan (Master)
  • 7th dan: Shuseki Shihan (Senior Master)
  • 8th dan: Hanshi (Head or Chief)
  • 9th dan: Kaicho

How long does it take to get a black belt?

Every student’s karate journey is different; as a result there is no one answer to the question of how how long it takes to earn a black belt. However, in Seido Karate, it is common for students to spend about five to eight years training regularly before they are ready to grade for their shodan black belt.